embedded world 2024

April 09 - 11, 2024

Hall 4, Booth 4-278

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DevOps For System Testing

Find out more about virtual execution environments on the PC or in the cloud to help you set up your DevOps environment.

DevOps For System Testing

Increasing Software Quality

Improve your software quality with our software analysis and testing tools.

Increasing Software Quality

Game Changer for Testing and Measurement

Meet the new VIO System, the 2-in-1 testing and measurement solution.

Game Changer for Testing and Measurement

Software-Defined Vehicle Solutions

Experience our live demo on SDV and learn how we can guide you throughout the entire development process.

Software-Defined Vehicle Solutions

We are excited to invite you to our booth (Hall 4, Booth 4-278) at embedded world 2024. You will see live demonstrations and meet our team of experts who will be on hand to answer any technical questions you may have. They will provide guidance on the latest industry trends and developments, such as DevOps for system testing or our latest modular I/O hardware for embedded systems.

What is your testing thread? Let’s discuss your testing requirements and possible scenarios at embedded world 2024. Don´t hesitate and book an appointment now!

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embedded world 2024

April 09 - 11, 2024

Nuremberg, Germany

Hall 4, Booth 4-278

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DevOps For System Testing

Test early and fail fast - not only on the level of unit tests, but on system level as well. Utilize virtual execution environments on the PC or in the cloud to set up your DevOps environment. Vector provides ready-to-run solutions for software-in-the-loop testing. Build your test platform based on open and partly free tooling without vendor lock-in. Depending on your use case, choose the appropriate building blocks from Vector and 3rd-party to test interactively or automated in virtual environments.

Join us at our booth for a discussion with our experts on the possibilities of your system level test!

Customized Virtual Execution Environments

Depending on the software under test, different virtualization approaches from Vector are available. For AUTOSAR-compliant software, vVIRTUALtarget is the software for virtualizing individual software components and fully configured ECUs. You can use vVIRTUALtarget to create virtual Systems Under Test (SUTs) for both AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive. For software that is not based on AUTOSAR, the SIL Adapter Builder is suitable for accessing the SUT on a pure software level in virtual execution environments on the computer, in virtual machines or in the cloud. For cases where the software under test needs to run in an emulator or directly on the target hardware, appropriate adapters are available to connect the SUT to the Vector test solution. Visit us at our booth and talk to us about all the possibilities for customized environments.

Early Testing and Fast Feedback Loops

CANoe4SW Server Edition is the tool for system level testing in CI/CT pipelines. It enables to set up a virtual execution environment. You can run simulations and execute tests early with fast feedback loops, either in server environments or in the cloud. Lean command line tools allow cross-platform compilation as well, e.g., for test execution in Linux Docker containers. For a simple test execution without environment simulation, the tests can be compiled and run fully free-of-charge using the freeware Vector Test Unit Runner. At our booth, we will show you how CANoe4SW can be used to complement the execution of headless tests with interactive debugging and analysis functions.

Test Design With Full Traceability

vTESTstudio provides various test design capabilities, including graphical test design notations, as well as various programming languages. Specific test design features as the classification tree method support efficient handling of parameters and software variants. Traceability is ensured by the built-in connection to numerous test management systems. An abstract test design empowers the reuse of tests in virtual execution environments and on the target. We offer you a free-of-charge extension for VS Code for a test design without any additional costs. If you want to learn more, talk to our experts directly on our booth.

Seamless Integration of SIL Environments

Our SIL Kit is a free, open-source library that allows customers to connect different software-in-the-loop environments from Vector and other companies. You can use it to connect test tools, virtual devices, software programs, simulators, emulators, and models (such as FMUs).

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Increase Software Quality, Minimize Technical Debt

The more complex software becomes, the more important it is to monitor its quality to identify weaknesses and take countermeasures in good time. Our tools are able to analyze and test embedded software, with and without safety requirements.

Visit us at our booth and talk to our experts about the possibilities of static and dynamic analysis, code coverage measurement and software quality analysis.

Fast and Easy Static Software Analysis for Improved Quality

Static Analysis is the fastest and easiest way to analyze software and improve quality. PC-lint Plus has been a trusted solution for many years and is one of the most popular tools for this purpose. At the booth, we will present the latest features of version 2.1, such as the extended MISRA support and CWE weakness detection.

Early Functional Unit Testing

The earlier software is functionally checked, the sooner errors are found. This makes the correction of these errors significantly less expensive. VectorCAST/C++ and VectorCAST/Ada allow the execution of a functional unit test on the host, simulator, emulator, or the embedded microcontroller. With automated mock creation, variant management, and code coverage measurement, VectorCAST integrates seamlessly into any CI pipeline. At our booth, we will be demonstrating the new features of VectorCAST 2024, including the ability to implement and execute tests in xUnit style directly in C++, and the new logic-based variant system that makes it even easier to run selected test sets for different product variants.

Dynamic Code Coverage for Efficient Change-Based Testing on Microcontrollers

Evidence of structural code coverage from dynamic test cases is one of the most important metrics for verifying test completeness. Even without a safety requirement, code coverage can help identify missing test cases or can be used to evaluate the quality of existing test cases. In addition, the measured code coverage can also be used for change-based testing. This significantly reduces test cycle times. With VectorCAST/QA, the source code can be instrumented to obtain this metric from any test environment, e.g., for manual or automated system tests on almost any microcontroller. At the booth, we will show you how you can obtain code coverage for system tests directly on a microcontroller and use it for change-based testing, and how coverage measurement can be easily integrated into virtually any compile chain using just-in-time instrumentation.

Ensure the Quality of Your Software Development Projects

Software development projects generate a large amount of data. This data includes not only the actual development artifacts such as requirements and code, but also analysis and test results, bug tickets, change information and much more. Linking this data, which comes from many different sources, is the strength of our development data intelligence solution, Squore. This tool transforms the difficult and tedious task of analyzing this data into a simple step in your development environment or CI pipeline that can be performed at any time. It automatically calculates measures and indicators that can be perfectly customized to your requirements. In addition, deviations and undesirable trends can be automatically detected and highlighted. At our booth, we will show you, among other things, how you can use Squore to maintain an overview of the entire development process and automate quality control using quality gates.

Hands-on Demonstration SIL and HIL Testing of Embedded Systems

At our booth, we will show you first-hand how easy and effective our testing solutions for embedded and IoT systems can be. To this end, our team has built a 3-channel ECG device to demonstrate software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop testing at all stages of your embedded/IoT device development. Visit our booth to see how you can ensure the development of your products at all levels - from unit testing to system level testing using the example of a medical device.

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Discover the VIO System: Your 2-in-1 Solution for Testing and Measurement! 

Are you involved in embedded systems development or responsible for measurement applications? Do you need hardware that supports both: test and measurement? Then the VIO System is your perfect candidate. It covers all areas of application, from testing sensors and actuators to complete control units during the hardware/software development phase. It allows access to control unit buses and even control units signals when used in a VX frame. With the addition of the new measurement cards VIO.MT, it is also possible to perform measurements of analog and digital sensors.

No matter how you utilize the VIO System, thanks to its compact design, it is perfectly suited for use on the laboratory bench. In addition to its compact size, the VIO System provides several other benefits: full integration into the well-known CANoe, CANape, and vMeasure software environment, automatic detection of plug-in cards, and intuitive handling. Whether you are developing and testing embedded systems or performing measurements, the VIO System is the ideal solution for your diverse requirements.

VIO System

The Smart Way To Design SDV

Modern vehicles no longer stand out just with specific hardware characteristics. Software is becoming more and more of a factor in achieving a market advantage. A Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) enables a personalized driving experience and can also be updated throughout their entire lifecycle. Our answer to SDV is Vehicle OS. Our Vehicle OS solutions are an open and modular software ecosystem that includes Base Layer solutions, Software Factory solutions as well as Advisory and Supporting Services. We help you to design your SDV in a collaborative working mode and target a variety of applications on all ECUs - from the vehicle to the backend.

Live Demonstration at Our Booth

Check out our live demo vehicle vCANdrive with a full featured toolchain ranging from E/E architecture design to a CI/CD Software Factory to automatically build, test and deploy new applications to the vehicle - locally and from the cloud. We will also show how to easily integrate non-AUTOSAR applications such as ROS2. We can even support you in easily integrating the applications - just talk to us.

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